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#1 Vintage jeep magazine

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Vintage jeep magazine

Here is just one of the many, many, reasons you might want to buy a Jeep Wrangler: Everyone has been everywhere and done everything in a Jeep. And when you're in one, you can be anyone you want: You can be anything or anyone you want. So which one do you want? Vintage jeep magazine where we can help. For simplicity's sake, we're shopping only for the Jeeps that rolled out of jeeep dealership. The CJ-2A and CJ-3A are Vintagf more civilized than the military Jeep, though much of the refinements—the passenger seat, for instance—came as options, and the earliest ones used war surplus parts. Neither the CJ-2A nor the CJ-3A were marketed to the public, and they were intended primarily for Vinage and industry. Nevertheless, almostof them were sold. The engine was a horsepower, cu. It was all jwep tough enough, but a lot of years have passed, and the years have not been kind to the body and frame of the Vintage jeep magazine Willys. Willys-Overland used heavy sheetmetal that is vulnerable to rust. When you're shopping around, closely inspect the frame and suspension attachment points, body mounts, engine mounts and every other mount carefully for cracking. The early Vintage jeep magazine are also poorly suited for driving at speed, with Group dynamics theories low gearing and weak brakes. They come from an era where you are expected to rebuild an engine every 50, miles. On the Market Now: Sales were in the 20,a-year range, and with an increased emphasis Vintage jeep magazine the civilian market, these Jeeps are easy to find. Vintage jeep magazine power and torque are not necessarily good for the Dana 18 transfer case or weak Dana 25 front axle. Even more common are problems related to using larger tires, which play hell...

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To be honest, most of the stuff we bring home is a pile of junk in need of lots of repair and attention. Well, over the years we've accumulated a pretty extensive black book filled with places to get those hard-to-find parts for older Jeeps. It also sells a selection of new parts for old Jeeps. A Jeep could literally be built out of their vintage catalog - it is a Jeep megastore. From stock replacements to half-cabs and mini-beds, they've got something that will work for you. The company also has many parts for short-wheelbase Jeeps through AMC. For both CJs and military Jeeps, including Ms, the company makes all tops in house. In addition, if you are looking for a period-correct, show-quality restoration part for a military Jeep, give Beachwood a call. That means they stock a lot of hard-to-find military parts and widgets. From Gillespie paints to data plates and hard-to-find hard parts, the company knows military Jeeps. In addition, the company offers panels for Willys Wagons and pickups up to ' From cams to headers, if you want to go faster, look at Clifford. The company also has used and reconditioned Jeeps for sale. The company also produces billet dash knobs. The company reproduces some parts, and sells take-offs from "Partsters. That is, new and used parts and body panels for the ''73 Jeepsters. They are based in the Phillipines, but have many U. Bear in mind that many small parts crossover. Their parts are known for excellent fit and finish. Omix also stocks hard-to-find hard parts and upgrades for AMC and earlier Jeeps. It also stocks hardware to make for one-stop shopping when swapping bodies or body parts. The company offers repair, restoration, NOS, military data plates and decals, rubber parts, and off-road upgrades. It...

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Normally when I put together one of these staff-compilation stories I do so with the iron fist of an evil dictator. I enforc my will upon the contributions of Cappa and Trasborg, tossing their opinions to the wayside when they don't jive with mine and substituting my own reality when applicable. But for this story I took a decidedly more democratic slant, allowing each staffer his say. In the end, the top ten winners were the Jeeps that garnered the most votes staff-wide-not just in Hazel's little world where the sky is green, the stars are marshmallow, and it rains Dr. Pepper every Saturday afternoon. And remember, we're judging them in stock, as-delivered trim, so don't tell us about how your favorite model is better than what we picked if you only swap in a this or modify a that. So here they are in no particular order-your 10 best Jeeps of all time. Some staffers don't really like the CJ-5 body lines, but these years have other good qualities. Optional upgrades were the torquey inline six or a hp V Durable TA or T three-speed or T four-speed manual truck transmissions and Dana 20 T-cases were better fare than previous years. All of them had admirable open-knuckle Dana 30 front and flanged and centered Dana 44 rear axles. Add to the mix larger inch drum brakes with a power brake option, a much-improved steering system, and stronger frames and they're a natural for this list. They came with a or way-bad V-8, a T or TH transmission, and Dana 44 axles front and rear from the factory. This is the kind of stuff people spend a lot of time and money swapping into other vehicles. They also have easily-modified suspension that works pretty good on- and off-road. Make it...

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Vintage jeep magazine

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