Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues

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#1 Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues

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Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues

The couple looked over at what they had been told was wthical stillborn baby. But as the baby, born at 22 weeks, lay on the warmer, the parents could see that the heart was still beating. Doctors knew the baby had no chance of surviving, so they hadn't told the parents that their child still had a heartbeat. The physicians didn't want to upset them. But the couple saw, and the father spoke up. A nurse swaddled the baby and handed it to the mother. I could have been holding the baby that whole time,'" says Naomi Cross, a registered nurse who at the time was efhical in her role as a perinatal bereavement coordinator for Johns Hopkins Hospital. She was called in to talk with the Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues about what had occurred. We need to give them all information. Would you like to hold him? Cross had witnessed a gray area—a situation where doctor, nurse, patient, and family may not see eye to eye, not because one is right and everyone else is wrong but because there is no cut-and-dried answer. Here, the question was how to Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues the parents of a newborn baby who barely has signs of life. Cross felt that an Go should be regarded much the same as an elderly hospice patient: The patient's death may be imminent, but his vitals should still be recorded, the family should be kept informed on his status, and loved ones should be given resources to cope with the loss. And she started to see that discussions about ethics were not a regular part of the patient care routine. Talking about the loss of a baby is a taboo, she says, and doing so makes people uncomfortable. Cross felt that...

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Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses. Clarke ; Nancy E. Clarke ; 1 Nancy E. Nurse staffing is a crucial health policy issue on which there is a great deal of consensus on an abstract level that nurses are an important component of the health care delivery system and that nurse staffing has impacts on safety , much less agreement on exactly what research data have and have not established, and active disagreement about the appropriate policy directions to protect public safety. The purpose of this chapter is to summarize and discuss the state of the science examining the impact of nurse staffing in hospitals and other health care organizations on patient care quality, as well as safety-focused outcomes. To address some of the inconsistencies and limitations in existing studies, design issues and limitations of current methods and measures will be presented. The chapter concludes with a discussion of implications for future research, the management of patient care and public policy. For several decades, health services researchers have reported associations between nurse staffing and the outcomes of hospital care. There has been remarkable growth in this body of literature since the IOM report. Over the course of the last decade, hospital restructuring, spurred in part by a move to managed care payment structures and development of market competition among health care delivery organizations, led to aggressive cost cutting. Human resources, historically a major cost center for hospitals, and nurse staffing in particular, were often the focus of work redesign and workforce reduction efforts. Cuts in nursing staff led to heavier workloads, which heightened concern about the adequacy of staffing levels in hospitals. A few years ago, reports began documenting a new, unprecedented shortage of nurses linked to growing demand for services, as well as drops in both...

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This paper is a report of a study of the type, frequency, and level of stress of ethical issues encountered by nurses in their everyday practice. Everyday ethical issues in nursing practice attract little attention but can create stress for nurses. Nurses often feel uncomfortable in addressing the ethical issues they encounter in patient care. A self-administered survey was sent in to nurses in four states in four different census regions of the United States of America. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, cross-tabulations and Pearson correlations. A total of questionnaires were used in the analysis. The five most frequently-occurring and most stressful ethical and patient care issues were protecting patients' rights; autonomy and informed consent to treatment; staffing patterns; advanced care planning; and surrogate decision-making. Other common occurrences were unethical practices of healthcare professionals; breaches of patient confidentiality or right to privacy; and end-of-life decision-making. Younger nurses and those with fewer years of experience encountered ethical issues more frequently and reported higher levels of stress. Nurses from different regions also experienced specific types of ethical problems more commonly. Nurses face daily ethical challenges in the provision of quality care. To retain nurses, targeted ethics-related interventions that address caring for an increasingly complex patient population are needed. Nurses everywhere have long struggled with ethical challenges in patient care. Similarly, nurses today are bound to uphold the foundational moral virtues, duties and principles central to the nursing profession. However, it has become increasingly difficult for nurses in all parts of the world to practise with integrity amidst the complex moral choices and pressures that nurses confront. Today's healthcare environment is demanding for nurses at a time when there is a critical shortage of staff to meet the multifaceted needs of patients. For example, critical care nurses often face suffering head-on, and...

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A persistent shortage of nursing staff across the United States challenges the belief and values of this profession. Many nurses may find it difficult to carry out their ethical obligations to patients due to the insufficiency in staffing. Because of this shortage, many nurses complain that they experience emotional distress and job dissatisfaction and end up not providing quality care to their patients. Such nurses end up in an ethical dilemma, whereby they must choose between caring for their own welfare or the needs of their patients. One ethical obligation nurses must fulfill during their daily duties involves ensuring they protect patients from any harm. However, due to staffing shortages, nurses find this challenging because the hospital where they work assigns them to care for several patients. In so doing, the hospital sets unrealistic goals, especially if these patients need specialized care due to terminal illnesses. Chronically ill patients require holistic care and a lot of emotional support. Inappropriate staffing levels deny nurses a chance to provide proper patient care despite their training and experience. According to the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, this inadequate nursing shortage increases patient mortality because they fail to receive the necessary care during hospital stays. Ethics help nurses make the right decisions under the guidance of their morals. However, due to acute staffing shortages, nurses may feel constantly dissatisfied with their jobs. Most hospitals respond to the increasing patient demands by providing overtime pay for nurses. In so doing, the hospital emphasizes only the technical aspect of nursing care and forgets about the ethics of care, a personal value that most nurses cherish. Job dissatisfaction results from finding an inappropriate working environment whereby nurses lack the time to communicate with the patients and provide meaningful nursing care. According to the Journal of Nursing...

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August 30, by Chris MacDonald. Check out this recent story out of Massachusetts:. Nurses Association demands mandatory nurse-patient ratios. The Massachusetts Nurses Association on Monday outlined plans to press for passage of a ballot proposal if the Legislature does not act by the middle of next year to pass nurse staffing legislation, which would apply to acute care hospitals. Note also the difficult challenge, here, from the point of view of responsible advocacy. The MNA wants to advocate from the point of view of patient safety, which is entirely appropriate. But any attempt to legislate nursing ratios will of course be perceived by some as an attempt to maintain employment levels for nurses. Finally, note that this issue raises questions of interdisciplinarity and the role of allied health professionals. In some cases, nurse ratios are being reduced because nurses are being replaced or supplemented with other kinds of workers. Sometimes that will be a very bad thing for patients. Sometimes that will probably be a good thing for patients. Sorting out which is which is a significant ethical challenge. Posted in ethics 2 Comments. At what point do ethics matter and our residents count? A nurse should not have to jeopardize her lic. And be made to take care of 31 residents in an 8hr. Where do u draw the line. Where are our rights? No nurse can properly do their job with taking care of that many residents. I feel the person barking the orders to do these things should come to that facility and do that nurses job a few days b4 they start barking orders they have no clue about. What happened to being able to voice ur opinion and how our residents feel. Where did compassion go? Sad is what the health care has become and...

Nurse to patient ratios ethical issues

Patient Safety and Quality: An Evidence-Based Handbook for Nurses.

Aug 30, - Nurse-patient ratios probably aren't discussed in most nursing ethics classrooms. But it's clearly an ethical issue. Check out this recent story out. Ethics, patient safety and implications for nursing management. 2 .. error if, for example, staffing ratios are unsafe or clinicians violate policies and procedures. Aug 23, - Keywords: Ethical issues, stress, nursing practice, patient rights, .. nurse staffing ratios for acute hospitals, yet 32% of California nurses in our.

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