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Password Forgot your password? He graduated from the U. Jacksonlater known as Stonewall. Reno Botswana hiv prevalence in a howitzer battery throughout the Mexican War of — He twice was promoted for gallant and meritorious conduct, to first lieutenant at the Jesze of Cerro Gordo and to captain at the Battle reeno Chapultapec, in which he was wounded. At the outbreak of the Civil WarReno was in command of a federal arsenal in Alabama when it was seized by state forces in January He later commanded the U. Reno Jesse l reno said his brigade in Gen. Reno was soon elevated Jeesse division command, and then to brevet major general. In a last conversation with Brig. This Article was written by Mark A. Biographical Register of the Officers and Cadets of the U. Military Academy at Jesse l reno said Point. The Battle of Antietam. The Class offrom West Point to Appomattox. The West Virginia Encyclopedia. Click here geno order. Sign In or Register Existing Members. Still Need Jesse l reno said Account? By registering for your own account, you'll get instant access to member benefits: Create portfolios to assist with research Share in discussions with other members There aren't any comments for this article yet.

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Civil War Union Major General. Born in Wheeling, western Virginia, under the French name "Renault," he moved at the age of 9 with his family to Venango County, Pennsylvania. Attending the United States Military Academy he graduated 8th in the class of Among his classmates were George B. McClellan , Thomas J. Jackson and George Pickett. He served in the Mexican War and earned the ranks of brevet First Lieutenant and Captain, respectively, for distinguishing himself with gallant and meritorious conduct at Cerro Gordo and Chapultepec. After a year's assistant professorship in mathematics at his alma mater in , he became secretary of a board on artillery technique. Later, he became assistant to the Ordnance Board at the Washington Arsenal. Burnside in the expedition through North Carolina during the winter of It was during this assignment that he met Barbara Fritchie in Frederick, offering to purchase the flag she was said to have waved at Jackson as he marched through the town. Although she had not seen Jackson, she did present him with a homemade bunting that he tucked carefully away in his saddlebag. Due to the accidental discovery of plans revealing Lee 's divided army, he was ordered to lead his corps in an attempt to get between the Confederate forces. The entire afternoon his corps had been in the heavy fighting on the Union left flank. As he rushed up and down the line of his command, shouting words of encouragement, Confederate rifle fire cut him down, mortally wounding him. He was carried to the rear, where he saw his old classmate and friend General Samuel Sturgis. He said to him, "Hello Sam, I am dead! Sturgis thought he was joking and replied,"Oh no General, not so bad as that I hope," to which he replied,...

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Log in or Sign up. American Civil War Forums. Become a member today for full access to all of our resources, it's fast, simple, and absolutely free! Support this site with a monthly or yearly subscription! Active Patrons get to browse the site Ad free! Feb 13, Messages: General Reno had been most active all day, fearing no danger and appearing to be everywhere at the same time. Safe up to seven o'clock, no one dreamed of such a disaster as was to happen. He, with his staff, was standing a little back of the wood on a field, the rebel forces being directly in front. A body of his troops were just before him, and at this point the fire of the rebels was directed. A Minie-ball struck him and went through his body. He fell, and, from the first, appeared to have a knowledge that he could not survive the wound that he had received. He was instantly carried with the greatest care to the rear, followed by a number of the officers, and attended by the division surgeon, Dr. At the foot of the hill he was laid under a tree, and after a few moments the surgeon said he could not live, and he died without the least movement a few minutes after. Grief at any time is heart-rending; but such grief as was manifested by the staff officers and those about him it has never before been my lot to witness. The old soldier, just come from the scene of carnage with death staring him in the face on every side, here knelt and wept like a child. No eye was dry among those present, and many a silent and spoken resolution was made that moment that Reno's death should be amply avenged. ErnieMac ,...

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Known as a "soldier's soldier" who fought alongside his men, he was killed while commanding a corps at Fox's Gap during the Battle of South Mountain. His ancestors changed the spelling of their surname "Renault" to the more Anglicized "Reno" when they arrived in the United States from France in The correct date is , landing west of the present city of Richmond, Virginia on the James River. The family roots are French and were among the first Huguenots on the North American soil. All this is noted by my family history Reno ancestor. His family moved to the Franklin, Pennsylvania , area in , and Reno spent his childhood there. Reno was admitted to the United States Military Academy in and graduated eighth in his class of 59 cadets in , initially commissioned a brevet second lieutenant of Ordnance. Other classmates and friends included George B. Hill , and George Stoneman. Reno was brevetted twice during the war—once for "gallant and meritorious conduct" at the Battle of Cerro Gordo , and later for bravery at the Battle for Mexico City and the Battle of Chapultepec , where he was seriously wounded while commanding a howitzer battery. After the Mexican—American War ended, Reno served in several locations, including as a mathematics instructor at West Point, as the secretary of a group assigned to "create a system of instruction for heavy artillery, [4] and at the Ordnance Board in Washington, D. He was promoted to first lieutenant , in , and sent to conduct a road survey from the Big Sioux River to Mendota, Minnesota. When he returned to Washington, he married Mary Blanes Cross, and the couple had five children, two of whom had notable achievements of their own: Reno graduated from Lehigh University and invented the first working...

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Log in or Sign up. American Civil War Forums. Become a member today for full access to all of our resources, it's fast, simple, and absolutely free! Support this site with a monthly or yearly subscription! Active Patrons get to browse the site Ad free! Mar 2, Messages: Reno was born in Virginia, in His family removed to Pennsylvania when he was a boy, and from that State he was appointed to West Point in He graduated in , ranking seventh in a class which included Stonewall Jackson and many gallant officers of the Union army, and was appointed Brevet Second Lieutenant of Ordnance. During the war with Mexico, '7, he commanded a howitzer battery, and for "gallant and meritorious conduct at the battle of Cerro Gordo" was brevetted First Lieutenant April 18, For bravery on the battle-field of Chapultepec, where he was wounded, he was brevetted Captain September 13, When hostilities ceased he was appointed Assistant Professor of Mathematics at West Point for six months, and was then appointed Secretary of the Board of Artillery - a position he held about eighteen months, during which he was engaged in testing the relative merits of heavy ordnance and compiling a work on heavy artillery tactics. He was subsequently connected with the Coast Survey service, and upon withdrawing went out West with a corps of Topographical Engineers, and assisted in the construction of a military road from Big Sioux to St. He was engaged in this work some twelve months, and on the 3d of March, , he was promoted to a full First Lieutenancy of Ordnance. He was next in stationed at the Frankfort Arsenal, where he remained about three years, and then accompanied General Johnston in the expedition to Utah as ordnance officer. On the...

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Jesse Lee Reno was a career United States Army officer, serving with distinction in the Mexican-American War and out west in Utah before the Civil martonlajos.infog: said ‎| ‎Must include: ‎said. Aug 20, - Jesse Lee Reno: Born June 20, , Wheeling, WV.º . 10, , says: "I will be excused for saying, in reference to this action, that I owe. Sep 15, - Reno spoke to him and said "Hallo Sam, I am dead!". Sturgis Reno, Jesse L., major-general, was born in Wheeling, Va., June 20,

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