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#1 Enema club stories

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Enema club stories

MisssBesss Enema club stories weekend when I was at Sexual health women healthboards enema club, in the hot tub, a few of us were talking about coffee enemas. I had never actually had one, Enema club stories wondered what it was that made it special. A fellow named Pete said that he Busted large swimsuit woman getting his morning Goodbye my lover the lyric this way, made him wake up fast but with fewer jitters. Another man cautioned me to take it slow, but definitely give it a try. A gentle debate broke out about how much a person should try the first time, and so I settled into my corner of the tub Enema club stories tried to take it all in. Monday morning came and I found myself to be completely exhausted. I got up, showered and had a cup of coffee and still was feeling sluggish. I didn't think I dared to drink more coffee or I'd be shaking through the day, and I had some important clients later on in the morning. I wonder if this would be a good day to try my first coffee enema. I pondered trying it here at home, and then decided I would avail myself of the helpful club staffers. Besides, the enema club was near my office. I could probably try it more quickly and efficiently with some help. As I walked in the door of Happy Waters I noticed that two men and a woman had entered before me, all dressed in business attire, and another gentleman followed me. Busy on Monday morning, I guess! I walked up to the receptionist's desk and asked if the doctor was available. She told me that the doctor was there, but had a few clients already waiting She...

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MisssBesss I got into my car and started the drive to work. I still couldn't believe I had seen Terry at the Enema Club, and played with him. My God, he is my boss! If I hadn't had a little wine, I would have had much better judgment than that. How will I look him in the face today? I was trembling a bit at the very thought. I mean, it had been great fun, but how would I be able to work with him after last night. I parked in the garage and stepped into the elevator. I walked past the receptionist with the briefest of hello's and dashed into my office, closing the door behind me. Well, it was a good thing that I had quite a pile of work on my desk. I logged onto the computer and checked my mail. I started making the customary responses to our overseas clients. After I was well into the morning, juggling files and phone calls, I had put the events of last evening out of my consciousness. At least I did until I heard those famous words, "You've got Mail! Download it and let me know if you like it. I thought it might be from one of my buddies, a practical joke of some kind. I downloaded the pic, and could hardly contain my surprise when I saw the emerging picture of a female with an enema nozzle in her behind. I quickly typed a reply: I saw you come in. I was afraid of something like this, although this was not quite what I had expected. I couldn't think of what to say next. While I was pondering what to do, a knock came on the door. I quickly logged off line and answered the knock. He...

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Log in Sign Up. Lit Live Webcams Straight Female. Fun for couples - cams online now! Story Tags Portal enema. Views Rating Favorite Newest. All Time 30 Days All Time. Caged for Freedom Ch. Roger's Visit to the Clinic Roger accidentally signs up an invasive study at the clinic. A Little Animal Ch. Washed Out After negotiation, girl wakes to bondage then massive enema. After the Picnic Stephanie shows why making love to a transsexual is special. Vacation in Humiliation Ch. Ponygirl Rescue Centre A shelter for abused poygirls takes in a new charge. Well Disciplined Husband Ch. Club 35 - Third Visit Pt. A Perfect Fit Pt. Olivia in Vulmonia Ch. En Route to Grandma's Family stops en route to Grandma's house. The Girls College Ch. Manual Training Self-imposed training session. Anal Etiquette Sam and Jess go through their extreme anal morning routine. A Call for Help A brother falls ill and calls his sister the nurse for help! Experiences at the Surgery Pt. The Most Personal of Assistants Ch. Ferrofluid Slut She becomes a research lab's toy. Eve Quest A transvestite is dominated by two beautiful lesbians. Woman who likes sexual punishments Mistress Dusty Can Crake convince Mistress to let him have a sports party? After the Office Party Pt. And clean with it. Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. Preparing for the Encounter Sub endures trials preparing to meet new master. Annie Holder's House Pt. Devon Dev's chastity is maintained by Soames and Austine! Chloe in Prison Ch. Allison at the Gynecologist Newly pregnant Allison visits an alternative health center. Mother Examining Son Ch. Don't Say No DaddyDom fully cleans out, humiliates and uses his baby girl. Futa Queen Futa Queen. Enema from Nurse Arabella? Arabella describes how she will give you an Enema. The Centerpiece Miss...

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My boss had been grumpy, and I was grumpy as well. He could be a sweetie at times, but today he just seemed to be on a real tear. Nothing I did was right. I could hardly wait to leave the office. I went to the hotel bar nearest our office and had a glass of wine. I wasn't really up to being very social. I just wanted to relax a bit. A rather attractive man sat at one of the tables by the wall and he smiled at me as I scanned the room with my eyes. I gave him a quick return smile, but turned to face the bar, making it rather clear that I really didn't have any interest in chatting at that time. I slowly finished the glass of wine, grateful that the bartender was all business and that there were just a few other patrons in the place, all seeming to need the quiet atmosphere, as well. I drained my glass, feeling a bit buzzed and somewhat more relaxed. I walked down the street, and passed the club. I hadn't really thought about going in tonight, since it wasn't the weekend, and fewer patrons would be there, but then I realized that a little play might relax me. I hadn't much else to do, anyhow. Just some laundry, and that could wait. I turned and walked into the club. I saw my friend Bob at the desk. I think he was pretty good at reading expressions. You look like you've had a rough day. I'm a bit grumpy and anti-social. I'm not really sure why I came in. Have you tried one of the medical play rooms yet? I usually go straight to the hot tubs unless I already have a date. Just go on...

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The Enema Club By: MisssBesss I walked carefully down the somewhat deserted street in our city's red light district. I had memorized the address so that I wouldn't have to stop and look at the piece of paper with the address. I didn't want anyone to notice where I was looking! Well, it should be about here Wait, a windowless door. Yes, the sign says "Happy Waters. I open the door and walk in. The lighting is dim, like a bar. I see what appears to be a reception desk. I walk up and see a charming looking guy in his 50's. He has silver hair and a welcoming smile. I smile back, rather shyly. You do know that this is an adult play club? In the right place, I think. Now, here on the left, we have the intake room. We do have a professional doctor who does a quick intake exam on your first visit, and you can also ask him and his colleagues any questions you may have on subsequent visits. I'll bring you back here when we are finished with the tour. Would you like to set your bag down here? It will be safe, I promise. We continue our walk. Some folks like to start here. You can just take your bag up to the barrister, and she will fill it with the solution of your choice. Then you can just join any of the tables that interest you. You will be welcomed, fear not. We are always glad to see newcomers, here. There were stools as well, but many patrons were standing, with a hose in their behind and their bags hung from circular racks just above their heads. There were also some long padded benches along the outside of the room, and some...

Enema club stories

Enema Story #6 - The College Enema Club. At one point I gave up my Pre-med education to enroll in nursing school. I was the only male in a class of I hadn't. "Giving yourself an enema is a very awkward experience, Bob. . and I talked it over, and we both like you, and we'd like you to join our little weekly enema club. By: MisssBesss. I got into my car and started the drive to work. I still couldn't believe I had seen Terry at the Enema Club, and played with him. My God, he is my.

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