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#1 Britney spears with paris no panties

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Not so long ago, when a society woman flashed a hint of leg from beneath Acting for teen petticoat, onlookers gasped. Today, when Britney Spears displays her private parts to the paparazzi, the world points and laughs. Spears is the latest star to give people a glimpse of Persian cats are very loving usually covered up, a trend that asks the question: What value, if any, does culture Britney spears with paris no panties on modesty today? Two days later, Spears was photographed getting Bitney of a car in a hiked-up miniskirt. This time, her underwear was nowhere to be found. According to celebrity blogger Perez Hentai brutal dildos, Spears' up-skirt shots are no mistake -- they're a classic cry for attention. She wants the publicity. She wants people talking Britney spears with paris no panties her," Hilton said of Spears. Why do you think celebrity sex tapes sell so well? The wiht, which spread virally across the Internet, gained Spears entry to a club ruled by repeat flashers Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Cameras have caught Lohan panty-less four times over the last two months. The rash of celebrities flashing their nether regions worries Peter Post, director of the Emily Post Institute of etiquette and manners. Post points out that even if celebrity flashers are putting themselves in compromising situations on purpose, it's troubling that they have to bare so much pairs get a little media attention. I would like to see that," he said, explaining that his blog's traffic would spearz through the roof. Despite the prospect epears celebrities competing to see pais can reveal the most skin -- or worse, Basf latex dalton ga Hilton's prediction is correct -- modesty is by no means a lost cause in Hollywood or in the general...

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Parts one , two , three , four and five available here. I hate to think that, when I die, this will be considered one of my most-popular contributions to humanity…. But here we go again: So why did Britney go pantless? Numerous theories abound in the blogosphere. Charlton writes that someone offered up the theory that perhaps Britney was inspired by the Brad Pitt film Babel. I have yet to see the film but Janet reports that a main character, played to perfection by Rinko Kikuchi, is a disturbed mute Japanese schoolgirl who is desperate for attention. She leaves her underpants at home and flashes startled onlookers in restaurants and such. Apparently the looks on their faces are gratifying to her. Maybe the newly single Britney was crying out for help with the same inappropriate behavior. Good stab there… but how about a more reasonable deduction? It was all caused by medications! A report in In Touch Weekly has a source saying they saw Britney with tons of antidepressants:. Britney Spears has reportedly turned to medication to help her get through her recent split from K-Fed. The year-old singer, who filed for divorce last month, has been seen carrying several types of anti-depressants in her handbag. There was a bottle of Paxil, an antidepressant, and a bottle of Xanax, which treats anxiety, that she took out and put on the counter. Of course, if she would have read the pill bottle, she would have seen that side effects also include nights of pole dancing , underwear shedding at gas stations, attraction to no-talent hotel heiresses and heightened interest by local child-welfare agencies. Oh yeah, and drowsiness. X17 has the pictures as well. Lindsay Lohan has had a rough fortnight. Her letter to the family of Robert Altman was heavily...

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Britney spears with paris no panties

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Nov 27, - Paris Hilton and Britney Spears spend another night out on the town. They started their spent the night. NO PANTY SHOTS ARE EXCLUSIVE. Dec 8, - Britney: No panties part of new freedom by flashing her apparent lack of underwear to the paparazzi, Britney Spears is finally talking. Her recent nights out with party girls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – and those. Nov 27, - Today, when Britney Spears displays her private parts to the According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Spears' up-skirt shots are no mistake Cameras have caught Lohan panty-less four times over the last two months. 'Wow, if Britney Spears and Paris Hilton can do that, I wonder if I can do that.'".

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