Babe ruth game used batrite

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#1 Babe ruth game used batrite

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Babe ruth game used batrite

In the late 's and early 's the Gaje Bat Company managed to convince some of the game's biggest stars to switch from Louisville Sluggers to their Batrite brand bats. The Athens, Georgia company developed a "Steel Tempered" finish which prevented checking grain swelling from repeated ball contact. Players like Lou Gehrig and Jimmie Foxx placed orders with the company and photo documentation proves they were used in Babee league games. For many years these Hanna bats were a mystery to game used collectors since unlike Louisville Slugger, no archive of player order records survives. However, game used equipment experts at MEARS have done groundbreaking research into the Hanna bats and Nude ballroom dancers a few tidbits that shed light on these Hanna bats. For instance, the barrel of this Ruth model is stamped model number "TA55". Babe ruth game used batrite was used on bats ordered by players gsme well as those sent to stores. Lou Gehrig testified that he was under the impression that Hanna bats bearing his name on the barrel were for his professional use only, and not sold in stores. The same can be assumed for other player name stamped bats such as this Ruth, yet a catalogue offers Ruth and other player models to consumers. Both the knob and barrel ends show wear from contact with the ground and there are several cleat marks and abrasions throughout. Some dead wood can be found on the back barrel but otherwise this is an outstanding looking bat. The factory stamping is both deep and dark and the ash has taken on a deep warm tone with age. The bat also exhibits a slight bow, another trait sometimes found on bats with this type of age. The knob end has patent info stamped into it and...

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Prices Shown Include Buyer's Premium. This bat measures Stamped on the knob of the bat is '43' representing the original weight. Hanna Manufacturing placed weights only on professional model bats. This is only the fourth Hanna that we have seen with the weight on the knob. The other three bats are represented by two Lou Gehrig bats and a Sam Rice. An additional feature of the bat confirming it as a pro model is the appearance of the model number '12' on the face of the barrel. The bat is stamped above the Hanna "Bat" logo with TA The "TA" is for tempered ash with "12" as the model number and "6" for the length. Referring to the available Hanna retail catalogs the model listed for Ruth is "5. The bat had a handle crack and a crack along the top of the barrel, both of which have been professionally repaired. The crack in the handle had at one time been repaired with tape, which was later removed. The bat was also refinished at the time of its repair. Toggle navigation Site Navigation. Toggle navigation My Navigation. Pre Baseball Cards Prewar Baseball Cards Postwar Baseball Cards present Pre Baseball Memorabilia Post Baseball Memorabilia Advertising and Photographic Displays Internet Only Lots Outstanding Team Cabinets And Photographs This lot is closed. Bidding is not allowed.

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The sands of baseball were slipping through the Yankees hour glass, and would be the last season the Babe played for the Yanks. Offered for this lot is a specially manufactured Babe Ruth bat which is consistent with respect to length, weight, model, and known manufacturer of Yankees game used bats. Commissioner Gordon used the bat signal to call Batman; the Burke Batrite companies bat logo summoned the attention of Babe Ruth. Currently weighing 37 ounces, this bat is an acceptable weight to have been ordered by Ruth during the era. This bat is consistent with those documented orders with respect to weight. This is a very important factor of this bat indicating professional model and exclusive attribution to Babe Ruth game bats only. Supreme Court in November of The case centered on a suit brought against Hanna Manufacturing by Hillerich and Bradsby over the use of the names of players that Louisville Slugger had under endorsement contract. In this instance, style or type is consistent with the decrees handed down by the court. Although currently there are no supporting documents of Babe Ruth ordering the Hanna Batrite model bat, we do have a documented court case related to Lou Gehrig. During those two years approximately I used a Batrite and Spalding. Two or three Batrite and Spalding bats were sent to me on trial, and I finally placed my orders with the Hanna Manufacturing Company, I used the Batrite bats I obtained from Hanna Manufacturing Company a good majority of both years I used those bats. Naturally, I found them satisfactory. I used them because they had peculiarities of treatment or finish which seemed advantageous to my mind. It stopped checking, which is the loosening of the grain of bats which makes it impossible to use them further…When...

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Sports Pop Culture Americana Military. Do you have a similar item for sale? Please contact us at or email troy mearsonline. MEARS Auctions will work with you to determine authenticity, current value, and the marketing strategy which will help you maximize the value of your item. Babe Ruth bats are constantly in high demand and the dream of almost every baseball fan to own. From , Babe Ruth hit homeruns That a lot of wasted baseballs! Per our research, this bat was manufactured and consistent with what Babe Ruth would have used during this time span while the Yankees won two World Championships, and Residing in southern Illinois, our consignors Grandfather lived in a town half way between St. It was unknown whether this bat was used by the Babe against the Browns or White Sox, but according to family legend, his bat was game used by Babe Ruth. Although we do not have Hanna Batrite factory ordering records, the length is consistent with bats ordered by Ruth during the era and supported by Louisville Slugger shipping records. Per our research, this is only the 2nd Babe Ruth Hanna Batrite known to have entered the hobby with the weight stamped on the knob. This fact further supports professional issuance as it shows that the stamping on the bat was not mass produced, and that care had to be taken to accurately record the different weight requests, presumably from Ruth himself. Therefore, the weight, length, and stamping 42 which represents ounces are all consistent with Babe Ruth professional model Hanna Batrite bats. With respect to Hanna Batrite bats, the model 12 is what was known to have been modeled for Babe Ruth. Bat exhibits heavy game use, cleat marks, slight swelling to the back of the barrel, and remains...

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These forums are devoted to both Pre- and Post- war baseball cards and vintage memorabilia, as well as other sports. If you give an opinion of a person or company your full name needs to be in your post. Contact the moderator at leon net54baseball. User Name Remember Me? Ruth obviously preferred the Louisville Slugger but there has been much debate over him using the Hanna Bats. It looks like a oval compared to a bat shape. I don't think the image is clear enough to distinctly say what it is. Find all posts by MGHPro. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. All times are GMT The time now is Contact Us - Home - Archive - Top. Ruth Hanna Batrite Swing. Send a private message to Billyscards. Find all posts by Billyscards. Send a private message to yanks Find all posts by yanks Send a private message to MGHPro. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Babe Ruth Hanna Batrite Bat. Hanna Batrite Rudy York bat. Hanna Batrite with the Winged Bat Logo.

Babe ruth game used batrite

Lot # Babe Ruth Hanna Batrite Pro-Model Bat - PSA/DNA. Category: Game-Used Bats/Jerseys/Equipment. Starting Bid: $1, Bids: Jul 6, - Looking for the Babe Ruth Bat Experts on this board. A few months back, MEARS had sold a Hanna Batrite "Game Used" bat when he was with  Big Sale for Babe Ruth Hanna Batrite A7 on MEARS. Babe Ruth Collage with Personal Check written to Claire Ruth(Wife) and 's Ruth Hanna Batrite Game Used Bat. Includes Mears authentication. Extremely.

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