Aubrey o day pregnant pics

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#1 Aubrey o day pregnant pics

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Aubrey o day pregnant pics

By Chris Spargo For Dailymail. Vanessa Trump made a desperate plea to her husband's mistress after Aubrey o day pregnant pics he was having Naked webcam sponsored affair according to US Weekly. Vanessa had three children at that point - daughter Kai, son Donny III and newborn Tristan - and was pregnant with her fourth child, son Spencer. The ploy eventually worked, but left O'Day in a state pregmant shock according to one person, who said: Aubrey fell for him hard. Aubrey o day pregnant pics thought they were going to be together for real. Don Jr posted a photo of himself out to dinner with his sons on Tuesday above. Vanessa was a new mom when the affair began and pregnant when Don Jr eventually ended things with Aubrey. In October ofVanessa gave birth to the couple's third child, son Tristan. She then became pregnant in early before Aubtey birth to son Spencer in October of that year. Don Jr has not commented on these reports and was seen golfing with his youngest daughter Chloe on Tuesday in Palm Beach before getting dinner with his sons. O'Day meanwhile seemed to be very much in love back in Say when she tweeted: She also wrote on Twitter that she was pregnant shortly after she and Don Jr split, saying: Hope my baby is fearless! O'Day Aubry included an image of a positive pregnancy test, though she later revealed it was all a joke. Reverse those two names. O'Day had also previously hinted at having some damning information about the Trump family following the election. In Aubrey o day pregnant pics wake of President Trump's win the year-old singer wrote: When a follower then pointed out she had appeared on Trump's reality ppics, O'Day replied: In Aubrey o day pregnant...

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Aubrey o day pregnant pics


Mar 20, - Aubrey O'Day told her Twitter followers that she was pregnant on April 1, , within Hope my baby is fearless! Mar 28, - Donald Trump Jr. reportedly tried to have a baby with Aubrey O'Day, even though his wife, Vanessa Trump, was still pregnant! View Gallery 44 Photos. Jason Brow. Sports Editor. Share This Article; Reddit · LinkedIn. Mar 29, - Aubrey O'Day has a message for everyone criticizing her for allegedly having an affair with Donald This new pic comes just one day after a new report surfaced that Aubrey was trying to get pregnant during the alleged affair!

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